Study Tour and Placement Programme Week – Form 5 Trip to Cambodia

During the week of 23rd to 30th September, our Form 5 classes successively went on a five-day study tour to Cambodia, where they partook in service work and broadened their horizons in regards to the local culture, history and scenery.

During the visit to a Cambodian orphanage, our students acted as volunteers and spent time with the local children, learning more about their thoughts and lifestyles. Other activities, such as participating in the traditional art of pottery-making, also allowed our girls to gain a deeper understanding of the local people and their customs.

Having trekked through the famous Angkor Wat, toured through the Royal Palace and admired the architecture of the National Museum, Form 5 girls developed a greater appreciation for Cambodia’s art, culture and history. Last but certainly not least, our trip to a killing field site and to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum fully impressed all the students, who couldn’t help out reflected upon their fortune in living during times of relative peace and prosperity, reminding us to be grateful for all of God’s gifts.

All in all, the study tour to Cambodia has been a remarkably rewarding and invaluable experience which will stay in the mind of every student who has visited the beautiful country.

Text by: Bernice Lin (5D)