Form Three Trip to Taiwan

In late September this year, our Form Three students went on a study tour to Taiwan to gain for themselves a first-hand experience of the local culture there. On their tour, they visited many iconic sites and attractions, such as the Yehliu Geopark, the 921 Earthquake Museum, and local night markets. 

Our students had a precious opportunity to visit a local school to experience the life of being a Taiwanese student, trying to find out how it differed from life in Heep Yunn. They tried out new learning methods adopted by the school and gained a deeper understanding of their culture by interacting with local students. 

Apart from experiencing the Taiwanese culture for themselves, our Form Three students also acquired valuable geological knowledge to help them better understand the topics covered in their Geography lessons. In the 921 Earthquake Museum, they were able to witness the destructive power and devastating impacts of earthquakes. In the Yehliu Geopark, our students visited different unique geological formations and learned how different landscapes and geographic features were formed. 

The tour not only brought our girls joy and laughter but also broadened their horizons. The girls have gained insights into the lifestyle and culture of local Taiwanese people through this valuable experience.  Without a doubt, it was a profoundly rewarding trip for all of them. 

Text by: Bernice Wong (3D)