Foundation Day

Against all odds, Heep Yunn has successfully overcome the tough challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting between online learning and in-person learning. For the first time in what seemed like forever, our school opened the 85th chapter of its legacy through the resumption of whole-day classes on campus on 23rd October. We were very honoured to have The Rt Revd. Dr. Timothy Chi Pei Kwok, the School Supervisor Dr. Allan Yuen, our alumna Ms. Colleen Lee and many distinguished guests to come and celebrate this momentous occasion with us on 22nd October.  Students from the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections also joyously gathered in the School Hall for the 85th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. Although Form One, Form Four and Form Five students could only view the ceremony via live streaming, the auspiciousness and the anticipation for the joyous event definitely reached the hearts of all.


For this year’s special anniversary, we were very honoured to be graced by esteemed alumna and guest speaker, Ms. Colleen Lee, who readily shared sentimental memories of her good old days in Heep Yunn as a student. Being the current Honorary Artist-in-Residence at the Education University of Hong Kong, Ms. Lee has dedicated much of her school life and career to cultivating her musicality and passion for chamber music. Our students were all left in a trance as a result of her stirring speech, reflecting on how we as impressionable teenagers could pave a path for ourselves with a thirst for dream catching. To pay tribute to the Lord’s blessings throughout the years, the choirs from the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections dedicated songs on stage touching the congregation with a kind of emotional catharsis achieved by such superb music.


After the Thanksgiving Service, the Student Association put on a celebratory show that certainly did not disappoint. From laughable parodies of the daily lives of Heep Yunn students to recorded well wishes from our teachers for the anniversary, these light-hearted video clips paired seamlessly with all our student groups’ enthusiasm in lighting the stage with their incredible performance dancing to catchy pop songs. As rapturous cheers and screams overwhelmed the conventional air of dignity of the School Hall, Heep Yunn was wished a very happy 85th birthday. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Ms. Colleen Lee for joining us on this special occasion!