Installation Ceremony

Behind our school’s supportive atmosphere and various achievements is a group of selfless and conscientious student leaders who are always ready to give their all for the welfare of their schoolmates despite their tight schedules and demanding schoolwork.

Our annual installation ceremony, which is a special day for all our student leaders to pledge their responsibility and commitment to their teams as well as the school, was held on the 9th of October this year. On this remarkable day, all our school prefects, Student Association committee members, house captains, leaders of sports teams, music, debate and drama groups, as well as Christian Fellowship members, received badges from our principal as recognition of their wholehearted devotion to leading and serving the junior students of our school.

We thank all our student leaders for taking up the responsibility of bettering the school and working tirelessly to pass on the Heep Yunn legend. Through committing their time and effort to serving the school, we are sure that all of them will take away something from their leadership roles, which will aid them in their future ventures.

Text by: Helen Chow (5D)