Inter-School Cross Country Competition

Rain or shine, sports players of Heep Yunn train hard and play even harder on the sports field. On 6th November, the athletes of the cross country team represented our school to compete in Division One of the HKSSF Inter-School Cross Country Competition, and we could not be more proud of them for having won the overall champion. They also made history as the first ever grand slam in the Inter-School Cross Country Competition.

Wong Cheuk Ning of 5A, the captain of the cross country team, said that the team had never expected such excellent results, and she also expressed her sincere gratitude to all who had worked hard for the competition, especially Mr. Galen Lam and the team coach, Miss Hilda Choi. In addition, a lot of effort had been put into the preparation for this competition – knowing they would have to run on grassland, the cross country team trained and did time trials at Penfold Park for months.

Congratulations to the cross country team, and we thank them again for their efforts and achievements in the competition.

Text by Giann Yeung 3B