P.6 Briefing 2017

What’s a better way to understand Heep Yunn School than visit our campus and spend half a day with our cheerful Student Ambassadors? On 29th October, our school organized the annual P.6 Briefing for primary school students and parents who wished to pay a visit to our school. Three sessions were held during the day, welcoming around 5,000 parents and students. While the parents attended admission talks conducted by our Principal, Ms Leung, and the Assistant Principals, about our school’s objectives, development and co-curricular activities, the primary six students were engaged in fun checkpoint games that ranged from cookie-making to ball games. School tours were also conducted by our Student Ambassadors, and they allowed our guests to have a glimpse of school life in Heep Yunn. Student ambassadors and representatives from different teams and departments put great efforts in introducing our school to the students and parents, ensuring that all our guests enjoyed themselves during the day. Thanks to the hard work of all the teachers and student helpers on that day, all three sessions ran smoothly. What’s more, we showed our visitors the passion for contributing to the school and the strong team spirit that we have always taken pride in.

Text by Audrey Li 4D