Inter-school Swimming Competition 2017

‘Dive in and unleash greatness’—— this year’s Inter-school Swimming Competition, held on 18th October and 27th October, ended with fruitful results and a lot of sweet memories. With massive support from teachers and students, the swimming team, in faith and unity, did their very best in the competitions. After intensive rounds of competitions in the pool, the team came back with 12 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals for the individual events. Such commendable achievements made us the champion in A Grade, the first runner-up in both B and C Grades, and overall we were the first runner-up. What’s more exhilarating was that our swimmers had broken the record for the 4x50m freestyle relays. This proved that the swimmers’ hard work had paid off.

Behind the glittering results was the great Heep Yunn spirit that forms strong bonds within the team. ‘A team sharing a dream’ was the belief of every swimmer, as together they could achieve more and go farther. The harder the challenge ahead is, the stronger and more united Heep Yunn swimmers are. For every competition, Heep Yunn swimmers are never alone. Although they cannot guarantee a win, they can guarantee a fight. With such great spirit passed on, Heep Yunn swimmers will definitely shine and unleash greatness in the pool in the years ahead.

All in all, this year’s Inter-school Swimming Competition has been a day so remarkable and marvelous to the swimmers as well as to every Heep Yunn girl. All of us would definitely say, ‘Swimming team, we are proud of you!’

Text by: Beky Pun (4E)