69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival


To student musicians, March is a hectic month as they prepare for the annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Heep Yunn musicians are no exception. On top of regular music practices, our musicians conducted extra rehearsals, delivering through their performances the thoughts of the composers, and through their endeavours their love for music. As the saying goes, ‘Music brings people together’; it is also to our musicians’ belief that music bonds them as Heep Yunn girls who share the same passion play as a team.

With the support from schoolmates and teachers, our musicians shone on stage and brought back uplifting results in the 69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to conductors and teachers who have guided us through the journey and students who have made an all-out effort. We hope that our musicians will continue to live their passion in music and pursue excellence in the coming years!

Symphonic Band: 1st runner-up

String Orchestra: 2nd runner-up

Intermediate Mixed Choir (Foreign Language): Champion

Intermediate Mixed Choir (Chinese): 1st runner-up

Senior Choir (Chinese): 2nd runner-up

Senior Mixed Choir (Chinese): 2nd runner-up

Text: Sophie Yip 4E