BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award 2016-2017

This year, we celebrate 33 years of success, indeed is a legendary number which represents our unbreakable record and remarkable success in the field of sports. This year, our school has again been awarded the Bauhinia Bowl, an honor given to schools with outstanding achievements in sport. However, behind the glamour, let us not forget our persevering athletes and passionate teachers and coaches, who have been striving hard for our glory.

Our athletes have been burning the candle at both ends throughout the year, juggling their academic responsibilities and sports training. Our athletes never give in to the frosty winters and boiling summers, not to mention our teachers-in-charge and coaches who not only train with our athletes, but also search for the best training courses for our athletes.

Behind a successful team is a group of supportive teachers and friends helping our athletes shine on the sports field. Whenever our athletes are absent from class for training or competitions, our teachers are always more than willing to provide makeup lessons for them to catch up with the progress and answer their queries after school hours. Even students who do not play sports back up our sports teams by providing emotional support to their athlete friends or cheering for our teams. We all go through the ups and downs together with the athletes. Our teams have never been alone and will never be alone in the future.

Winning the Bauhinia Bowl for the 34th consecutive year will never remain as a dream if we dare to fight for it! And the legend will go on.


Text by: Hazel Cheung (4D)