Form Five Study Tour to Cambodia

Having gone through four years of the Personal Growth Programme, our Form Five students were given a new challenge and, concurrently, a precious learning opportunity — a 4-day study tour to Cambodia in late September.

Given a valuable chance to visit a local orphanage in Cambodia, the Form Five students spent an afternoon conducting pre-prepared activities with the children there, learning more about the underprivileged and their hardships in the process. Apart from this, they had a chance to visit the local markets, which further helped our students to experience the local culture and interact with the locals.

During the visit to the killing field and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, our students dug deeper into the painful history of ‘the Khmer Rouge’. They were not only able to take a glimpse into the horrible times Cambodia had endured, but also to learn to cherish the blessed lives they have.

To learn more about the local art and culture, they travelled far to Angkor Wat and the National Museum to admire the historical beauty, religion and history of Cambodia.

Without a doubt, the local culture and the life lessons our Form Five students learnt in Cambodia have made this study tour an unforgettable one.


Text by: Natalie Chow (5E)