Fun Fair

Our school’s highlight of the year, the 40th annual Fun Fair, was held successfully on the 20th of January, 2019. During the week leading up to the big event, students of each class put their innate creativity and team spirit to good use, building the delightful stalls that all Fun Fair guests immensely enjoyed. Thanks to the mild weather and joyous atmosphere, everyone at the event was in high spirits, be they came here to play games, to shop for our souvenirs or to work at the fun-filled stalls.

For the past 40 years, the annual Fun Fair has been showcasing Heep Yunn girls’ talents while fundraising for our school at the same time. But for the generous funds raised from the annual Fun Fair, we would not have our own swimming pool on the campus now! In addition, Fun Fair preparations have helped students gain confidence, courteousness, communication skills and leadership qualities. Last but not least, this tradition instills in all of us the Heep Yunn spirit, a legacy inherited by every new generation of Heep Yunn girls, by creating precious collective memories which will never be forgotten.

We believe that everyone who joined us on the delightful day had a wonderful time, and we hope with all our hearts that this legacy will be carried on for the years to come.


Text by: Giann Yeung (4E)